Briefing Information

COVID-19 Return to Race Rules

Please note that due to social distancing restrictions around COVID-19, there will not be any face-to-face briefings for events in 2021 until further notice.  Therefore, there will be an e document forwarded as required to replace the normal briefing held for Flag Marshals. If you have any questions or need any clarification on the information provided below, please contact the Chief Flag Marshal.


The safety of all our members is paramount, therefore every precaution has been taken together with the promoter to ensure the COVID safe guidelines for the venue are issued prior to the event, so this could again mean no group activities such as mass official’s briefings or end of day Drinks & BBQs

VFT COVID Safety Pack

The VFT provides a Covid-19 safety pack to all attending VFT Members, 1 pack per member consisting of Hand Sanitiser, Gloves Sanitiser, wipes etc. Please note, you must bring your issued pack with you to each event, if you do not have a pack, please let the Chief Flag Marshal know.

If you have any concerns about the procedures for track entry,  trackside conditions or obtaining your COVID Safety Pack, please contact the Chief Flag Marshal or Assistant Chief Flag Marshal for assistance.

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