Welcome to the best seat in the house!

Motor racing is exciting and demanding. Both driver and marshal get great satisfaction from being able to play their part. The difference between the driver and the marshal is that the driver is an individual and the marshal can only play their role as a member of a TEAM. 

Flagmarshals are the main form of communication between drivers on the track and the officials running the event. They do this by displaying coloured flags trackside. By use of the correct flag signals, the flagmarshal can keep the driver informed of the state of the circuit, the occurrence and importance of any incident around the track, the presence of extraneous or slow vehicles on the track and the proximity of the other competing cars. The flags system can be used to control the flow of the event or in fact, stop the event. It is a vital function and one which takes full concentration to carry out with the accuracy and judgement required. 

The benefits of being a flagmarshal: 

  1. Free entrance to race meetings for you and a friend. When the VFT is invited to work trackside by the promotor we are often given ticket/s to give to family and friends. This can be a real cost saving to you and your mates. 
  2. Free lunch and non-alcoholic drinks each day whilst on duty at the circuit. 
  3. Free programs, event caps and shirts and pins (depending on the event).
  4. Meet new people and develop new friendships from all walks of life. 
  5. Receive a bi-monthly Club newsletter and even contribute if you like. 
  6. Officiating at some Australia’s best-known events as well as many local and club events. 
  7. Be part of the action and feel the adrenalin rush of speeding race cars passing by while officiating only a meter away from trackside. 
  8. Be a part of a nationally and internationally recognised team, the VFT has its regular overseas visitors and members. 
  9. Subsidised and smart looking uniform to be proud of, as well as other club merchandise. 
  10. Free BBQ’s and beverages at the end of events and some general meetings.
  11. Social events for Christmas, Chief's Party and trivia nights.
  12. Driver talk nights, e.g., Chaz Mostert, Jimmy Richards and Alan Moffatt to name a few. 
  13. Learn new skills while enjoying the sport you love. 
  14. Workshop Tours: we organise workshop tours with Supercar Teams, e.g. Kelly Racing, Erebus.
  15. Opportunities to officiate at interstate events, e.g. Gold Coast, Darwin, The Bend SA and Bathurst.
  16. Opportunity to officiate at Internationally recognised events, e.g. Australian Grand Prix and Phillip Island Classic to name a few. 
  17. Give your favourite driver the thumbs up on the cool down lap after a big race. 
  18. Have the opportunity to flagmarshal at many locations around Melbourne’s famous racetracks - Phillip Island, Sandown & Winton.
  19. See your favourite cars strutting their stuff, whether old or new, Supercars, GT’s, TCR’s, Formula V, or the famous F1’s there will opportunities to see them all. 
  20. Recommendations and references for overseas marshalling  opportunities.
    (Please Note: You will also require letter of recommendation from Motorsport Australia) 


The pre-requisites for a competent flagmarshal are: Enthusiasm, Concentration, Reliability, Dedication and Common sense as well as a good team spirit. 


Because motorsport can be dangerous and as you are the most important person on the flag point, your first training day is designed to inform you of your responsibilities as a flagmarshal and to let you feel what it’s like to be close to the action. If you are not comfortable, it’s just a matter to talk to the senior on the flag point and they can arrange to have the Chief Flagmarshal come around and have a chat. 

We understand that you may decide that you are more suited to one of the other groups of motor racing volunteers and that’s ok. 

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