Thank you for Volunteering for Sandown

1 Jul 2020 12:31 PM | Deleted user

On behalf of the BMWDCM committee we would sincerely like to thank you for volunteering to help us at our Come and Try day on Sunday 14 June 2020, under the new Back to Racing Rules.

As you can imagine and some of know, running a motorsport event is not just turning up on the day and letting cars out on the track, there is weeks, sometimes months of planning beforehand and with the COVID changes this event was made even harder for us.

It was overwhelming to have so many of you volunteer to help out on the day and I can honestly say, without you we just can't hold these events.

It was lovely to have people just pitching in and doing stuff, I don’t need to name names, as you all know who you are.

Some of you may have felt you didn’t do much but your presence at the track was invaluable and we thank you.

The VFT Flag Marshals and Senior VFT members all did a great job, I am a little biased as I am a proud VFT member and love working with you guys.

Our pit lane officials were fantastic at helping drivers and making sure all ran smoothly.

Our recovery luckily didn’t have to do much but that is what we want, but thank you guys again, without you all we cannot run these events.

Our COVID checkers were worked off their feet, as we are all unfortunately not used to social distancing and it is not part of most of our DNA and we all just like to get up close and personal and have a chat, and I know most were so keen to see fellow racers and officials, they just needed to be reminded a few times.

Our Officials at the gate had a hard time having to take temps and check the COVID forms before letting entrants in, but this was how we were instructed to do it, but with our next event we can hopefully speed things up.

My scrutineers who had to run up and down pit lane, you guys were awesome and we were very lucky to not have many issues with cars on the day, so this made your lives easier than normal.

My wonderful Admin staff, without you, I would have had a mental break down, you were all fantastic and very very patient with some of the entrants, who just did not understand what all the COVID paperwork was about, but in the end, we did it and I am so proud of you all.

My timing staff, who were VFT flaggies, you guys just rocked and you are more than welcome at any of our events again, but saying that, you all rocked and you all are more than welcome at any BMWDCM event. Thank you.

We would love to see you there as either an entrant or an official, but understand it is a little further out for some of you to travel. We use the lights at the flag points at Winton, so will not be needing flag marshals, but you are still welcome to come along and help, we will still be needing general officials, scrutineers and admin.

I would like to apologise to any official I did not get around to talking to on Sunday, I was just a little bit busy and please know that we really appreciated all your help.

Thank you again.

Jo Mawson
Vice President/Events Co-Ordinator, BMW Drivers Club Melbourne & Member of the VFT

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