What we do

Like you, we’ve all grown up watching motor racing on the television. We’ve been on the edge of our seat as the top drivers in the country push their cars to the limit, muscle past an opponent, or spin out of control and see their dreams destroyed in an instant. Watch the telecast closely and you’ll see flagmarshals on every corner of the track. Each of those officials is a highly-trained volunteer reacting to spinning cars, obstacles on the track and even oil spills. Their job is to display warning flags to the drivers, notifying them of the track conditions ahead. They are closer to the action than anyone except the drivers themselves, and nothing compares to the roar of those engines just metres away. It’s a job that anyone can learn how to do, even you!

We give trackside training at real motor racing events in Victoria, assisted by an experienced and friendly senior marshal every step of the way. They’ll explain what to look for on the track, what to do when there’s an incident, how to communicate with Race Control and plenty more. It” easier than you think, and more fun than you can imagine! Watching it on television or from the grandstand will never be the same.

You can start at any point of the motor racing season and you’ll also get lunch provided, a free pass for your mate and end-of-day beers with BBQ snags. Not to mention a trackside experience that money can’t buy!

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