The Victorian Flagmarshalling Team (VFT) will be holding its Annual General Meeting at the Beach Hotel on the 11th ??of February 2016. All VFT Committee Positions will be declared vacant and a new Committee elected on the night. Anyone wishing to nominate someone for a Committee position should contact the Secretary and then send the nomination form to the Returning Officer by the due date.

Nominees have to be Financial Members at the time of the Election (Memberships lapse on 1st January 2016) and you have to be a Financial Member to nominate someone and Vote at the AGM (anyone who is not financial at the AGM will not be allowed to Vote).

As per the Constitution please ensure that your nominees have signed their acceptance of nomination, however, if you are unable to obtain a signature include a contact phone number for the nominee so that the Secretary / Returning Officer can verify the acceptance of nomination.

The nomination form also requires another Financial Member of the Club to second the form.

A list of all the nominees for each position will be included in the January VFT Magazine, which is due out in the second week of January.

Country Members (80km+ from GPO) are automatically sent a Postal Ballot in January, Metro Members who are unable to attend the AGM will also be sent a Postal Ballot. You must contact the Secretary prior to the week before postal ballots close explaining why you cannot attend.

All nominees will be given space in the January Magazine to act as a Soap Box and give all nominees access to the Membership of the Club. Submissions should be made electronically via email to the magazine at vicflag.org.au, typed or Neatly printed (so the Editor can read it) and sent to the address shown on Page 2 of each Magazine before the Christmas Break.

Extract from the VFT Constitution dated 5th August 2004

22. Election of officers and ordinary committee members
22.1 Nomination of candidates for election as officers of the Club or as ordinary members of the committee.

(a) Nomination forms will be forwarded to all financial Members and returned to the Returning Officer, as nominated by the Committee, by a date advised by the Committee, but not less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. THIS DATE WILL BE DEEMED AS CLOSURE FOR NOMINATIONS.

(b) Nomination forms to be signed by two (2) members of the club and accompanied by the written consent of the Nominee.
If absolutely impossible for all nominations to be signed, it will be a committee decision to accept said nomination, confirming with Nominee that they are prepared to accept said nomination.

(c) List of all nominees to be forwarded to all financial members in writing not less than fourteen (14) days and not more than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Inclusion in any form of Bulletin or Publication of the club which is forwarded to all Financial Members shall be considered as satisfactory advice.

22.2 If only one nomination is received for a vacancy to be filled, the person nominated shall be deemed to be elected.

22.3 If more than one nomination is received for a vacancy to be filled, a ballot shall be held.

22.4 The ballot for the election of officers and ordinary members of the committee shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting by secret ballot.

22.5 Voting shall be confined to all financial members personally present and by postal vote of those Financial members unable to attend such an Annual General Meeting.

22.6 If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies on the committee, further nominations may be received at the annual general meeting for positions for which there are no nominations.

Closing Date for Nominations THURSDAY 31st DECEMBER 2015
Closing Date for Postal Ballots FRIDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2016

Annual General Meeting
Place:The Beach Hotel
97 Beaconsfield Pde Albert Park

All mail should be addressed to the

Returning Officer
Victorian Flagmarshalling Team Inc.
PO Box 5140, Frankston South, VIC 3199 , Australia
Questions can be sent to the Secretary at??Secretary@vicflag.org.au

No electronic nomination forms or electronic postal ballots will be accepted.

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