Membership Awards

LIFE MEMBERS The following members of the club have been awarded Honorary Life Membership for their support to the club.
  • Keith Alexander
  • Paul Cansdale
  • Roger Chirnside
  • Robert Farrell
  • Sue Jochheim
  • Alan Krahe
  • Terry O’Callaghan
  • Kevin Redman
  • Eric Rigg
  • Damien Petrie
  • Rae Begg
  • Ray Begg
  • Gloria Shallcross
  • Mike Shallcross
  • Michael Murphy
  • Barry Petersen [dec]
  • Neil Thompson [dec]
The following awards are determined by the sitting Committee* in recognition of the individual’s achievements during the year. The President’s Award, introduced in 1994, is determined by the President alone.
YearClub Person of the Year. Noel Barr MemorialFlagmarshal of the Year. Barry Petersen MemorialPresident's AwardNeil Thompson Memorial AwardStillwell Motor Group Award
1989Ron RaynerStephen MarshalNot applicable
1990Mike ShallcrossRon RaynerNot applicable
1991Paul WarrenDaryl LindsayNot applicable
1992Judy LindsayKevin RedmanNot applicable
1993Judy LindsayMike ArnottNot applicable
1994Paul Van Den AkkerLawrie BarberTerry O Callaghan
1995Ron RaynerSue JochheimNot Awarded
1996Ray MahoneyKarl JochheimNot Awarded
1997Sue JochheimAndrew MerciecaTerry O Callaghan
1998Paul Van Den AkkerJohn BookerRoger Chirnside
1999Glenn MorganGarry McArdleMario Pacifici
2000Errol EvansAmanda WilliamsPaul Van Den Akker
2001Noel Barr!Darren MillettAmanda Williams
2002Darren MillettPaul NowlandPaul Cansdale
2003Andrew MerciecaGarry McGrawNot Awarded
2004Harold DreherSimon BastonPaul Hiluta
2005Paul MalliaHarold DreherNot Awarded
2006Eric RiggKevin WatsonSue JochheimEric Rigg
2007Simon BastonArthur CooksleyPaul MeadeEric Rigg
2008Paul MeadeLloyd OwenLisa AustinEric Rigg
2009Lisa AustinJason CarrollGary McArdleKevin Watson
2010Michael MurphyWarren GordonPatrick AtkinsGeoff Kay
2011Murray StevensArthur CooksleyLee DavisKevin Watson
2012Katrina BallardZoe ButterissAnthony FilippousisGeoff Kay
2013Trish StoreyDanielle BellMatt CornfordRussell ClasbyDavid Thornbury
2014Russell ClasbyDavid ThornburyRebecca ArmstrongGeoff KayJustin Parrant
2015Rebecca ArmstrongPaul KellyKaren LeggGeoff KaySam McCoubrie
2016Warren GordonShane RogersDamien MitchellGeoff KayGreg Hardy

The following members will receive their long service award during 2016.* Committee members are not eligible for the Club Person of the Year award. ! Awarded posthumously

2017 Long Service Awards 
5 Years. 11 members
Michelle Pollard
John Pollard
Amanda Booker
John Booker
Ian Hogan
Paul Kelly
Nathaniel Bull
Trevor Franks
Richard Millott
Ian Saxby
John Grigg
10 Years. 9 members
Jennifer Cross
Lloyd Owen
Graeme [Mick] Rogerson
Zoe Butteriss
Wayne Butteriss
Colin Hoffmann
Christopher Sullivan
Alan Brown
Paul Overell
15 Years. 1 members
Kevin Watson
20 Years. 1 members
David Miller
25 Years. 2 members
Kevin Redman
Michael Arnott
30 Years. 1 members
Mike Murphy